The new wave of steel frame homes sweeping the market is exemplified by Home-Build Concierge. We give our clients the option of using steel frames rather than timber on all our designs. Steel frame design allows excellent support for larger spaces, vastly increasing the scope of design possibilities.

Home-Build Concierge steel frame homes are precision engineered, top quality buildings. CAD design allows superior architectural outcomes and highly creative design. Steel homes allow a very high degree of customisation for home buyers.

The extremely adaptable steel frames permit an almost infinite range of design capabilities. With steel frame designs, it’s literally possible to simply start with your own idea for a home and progress it to building the wonderful home you’ve always wanted.

The three Home-Build Concierge ranges of designs are the products of highly experienced designers, incorporating the latest in modern design and excellent space management. We can create a design for you which is tailor made to your needs, with all the design features you want.

The Home-Build Concierge range

Home-Build Concierge homes include a huge selection of fully customisable designs, in three categories:

Our Australian classic designs, big beautiful homes with lots of space for a true Australian lifestyle.

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Elegant modern designs with lots of room for living and endless design options.

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Like all Home-Build Concierge homes, the Gable designs are ideal for those who want their home to be their own personally-designed paradise. The Gable range includes a huge range of options for beautiful new homes and fun holiday homes.

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