The true designer values of the new wave of modern homes on the market are well defined by Home-Build Concierge  Our designs incorporate high-precision steel and timber frame construction and advanced architectural techniques to deliver top quality residences. Home-Build Concierge can design the fully customised modern home you want, on budget, and at excellent competitive prices.

The high values of modern homes


The current generation of modern homes is based on precision CAD design and architectural creativity. Home-Build Concierge homes combine designer quality and design flexibility. All of our home designs can be fully customised to suit client needs and preferences.

Site management:

The ability to design and customise also provides an overwhelming advantage for managing site requirements. Whatever the site, a modern Home-Build Concierge home design can be created to maximise site value and incorporate client needs and tastes. The ultra-customisable home designs allow best use of your site, tailor made to manage your space.

Quality of life:

This extraordinary design capability also allows the creation of top quality living spaces. Modern homes contain all the latest features of any other type of home, from elegant modern kitchens to home office spaces and rumpus rooms.


The biggest, defining difference between us and other builders is the cost. We use our immense buying power to negotiate the best priced materials and services for you for far less than you’ll find elsewhere. When you purchase a Home-Build Concierge home, you get the very best for an affordable price.

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