When you’re building a home in the country, you have multiple critical considerations. Cost, quality, site requirements, and just getting the home design you want are major issues. Home-Build Concierge can give you all the solutions, using the highest quality designs and materials, 100% customised to your specifications.

We help home buyers with all aspects of design, materials, and cost. We provide advice and professional support from the design stage, including help with approvals. Wherever you build, we’ll be there to help when you need us.

The Home-Build Concierge range

Our three Home-Build Concierge design series:
Prestige Series:

The Prestige homes are natural choices for country settings. These big modern homes provide all the quality living space you need.

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Freedom Series:

The Freedom range is big home designs, perfect for high quality family living on the land.

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Gable Series:

The Gable range allows a lot of design flexibility and is very budget-friendly. It incorporates both standard and custom design options, giving you a lot of choices.

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