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Planning to escape the rat race by building your dream home on that rural block in Stawell? Maybe you have a beachside retreat at Apollo Bay in mind? Or perhaps you live in Melbourne and want to increase your property value by adding a or studio/office in the backyard? Wherever you live in Victoria and whatever your building dreams are, we can help you achieve them at Home-Build Concierge.

We have a building design to suit every need and budget. So whether it’s a 5 bedroom family home or a cabin in the mountains, if you have land in Victoria, we have the dream home to put on it at Home-Build Concierge.

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Victoria property market news

Because there are so many different lifestyle choices in Victoria, the price of land varies widely. In Melbourne, you can expect to pay upwards of $350,000 for an outer suburban block, while in regional Victoria, you can pick up a large rural block for under $100,000.

Supply and demand plays a big part in Victorian land prices, and the closer land is to an employment hub, the greater the demand and the higher the price tag.

Victorian population demographics vary widely, with a large multicultural population concentrated in and around Melbourne. Other large population centres include the Victorian satellite cities of Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Warrnambool.

Victoria has a diverse range of habitats, from rugged high country to bush, beaches, cities and suburbs. So, the kind of block you’ll be looking to buy will depend on where you’re intending to live.

Fortunately, Home-Build Concierge has a variety of home designs to suit every Victorian environment, from cosy country cottages to five bedroom family homes. Download our brochure to see our designs, or get in touch with our team to find out more about designing your dream home in Victoria.

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Download our brochure to view our  designs, or contact our VIC team to learn more about designing your dream home in Victoria.

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Available Across Australia
and VIC, including:

The Home-Build Concierge Difference



Select from any of our 50+ designs

Browse our extensive collection of over 50 designs to find the style of home that best suits your taste and budget. We offer something in every size from cabins for cosy holiday retreats to generous family homes ideal for that large rural block.



Modify our designs to suit your needs!

At Home-Build Concierge, finding the design you like is just the beginning! You can then customise that design to fit your own particular needs. It might be an extra room, a home office, a games room, an open plan kitchen, higher ceilings, or a bigger veranda. Whatever you want, we can make it happen for you, because when you build with Home-Build Concierge, you decide the end result.



Design your home from the ground up!

Your creative freedom doesn’t end there! At Home-Build Concierge, we offer total design flexibility. That means if you can’t find what you’re looking for in any of our 50+ designs, you don’t have to choose any of them! Instead, we can quote you on supplying a kit to suit YOUR DESIGN!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included?

All of our homes come with a range of inclusions that can be customised throughout various stages of the building process. Inclusions in stage one encompass everything that is needed to get the house to lock up. This means frames and trusses, windows and cladding. Entrance doors, door handles and locks are among additional inclusions.

Stage two includes all internal linings and finishings. This refers to things like insulation, cornices, skirting and architraves.

Stage three focuses on the fit-out of areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Inclusions are things like ovens, range hoods, dishwashers, bathtubs, laundry tubs and sinks. Tapware, tiles and cabinets are also considered.

Don’t forget that we’re all about customisation here at Home-Build Concierge so your Design & Delight Consultant will work with you to ensure you get your ideal home.

How long does it take to build with Home-Build Concierge?

There are so many horror stories out there about it taking years for people to build their dream home.

At Home-Build Concierge we have broken down the new home-build process into six easy stages so you can know exactly what to expect. Together, these stages take 58 weeks – that’s just a little more than a year from coming up with a design concept to your new home being completed and ready for you to move in.

Home-Build Concierge Home Build Timeline

How much does it cost to build a Home-Build Concierge home in VIC?

Our homes range in price depending on the number of bedrooms. For a three-bedroom home, expect the cost to start at $79,789. For those looking to build a four-bedroom home with us, costs start at $104,161. Finally, those planning to erect a five-bedroom home can expect to pay upwards of $148,665. These costs exclude building-related expenses.

When looking at the price of homes, it’s worth comparing these costs to average house prices in Australia. To put kit home prices in context, it is estimated that the average cost of building a new home in Australia is around $385,173.

The good news is that at Home-Build Concierge we’re able to save you a considerable amount of money by using our immense buying power to get you the best prices. On average, our customers save 20% off the cost of building their ideal home.

Don’t wait to build your ideal home a minute longer.

Contact the Home-Build Concierge team in Victoria and see just how easy it is!

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Our Home Designs

PRESTIGE SERIES view all prestige range

If you’re looking for a larger more spacious design, then our Prestige series is for you. It features a selection of classic and contemporary rooflines and facades and the generous floor plans allow for all sorts of extras, from rumpus and entertainment rooms to walk-in pantries and wardrobes.

FREEDOM SERIES view all freedom range

If you’re a family who want lots of space with all the amenities, check out our Freedom series. It offers the latest in modern home design and best of all, they can be altered to suit any size block!

GABLE SERIES view all gable range

From one bedroom all the way up to five, our Gable Series can be the perfect place for a getaway over a long weekend or starter home.

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