Let us help you create your ideal home…

So you’ve got lots of great ideas about what you want and need in your dream home. Talk to us, and together we can help you unlock those great ideas and turn your home dreams into reality.

We have 3 simple options that give you all the power when it comes to designing your home. And remember, your dedicated Home-Build Consultant will sit down with you for as long as it takes to ensure you get your ideal home within budget.

option 1

Choose from one of our 50+ existing sample Designs

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option 2

Alter any of our designs to better suit your needs!

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option 3

Design your own home from scratch!!!

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Custom Designs

Have a specific design in mind? Our policy is 100% design flexibility, so we’ll assist you to create your dream home from scratch. Browse some of our previous custom designs from our very happy clients.

Custom Design - 1
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Custom Design - 2
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Custom Design - 3
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Prestige Series

Prestige Series This series features our larger more spacious designs, with a selection of classic and contemporary rooflines and facades. The spacious designs allow for rumpus and entertainment rooms, a home study, walk in pantries and much more.

Freedom Series

Freedom Series The latest in modern home design the Freedom Series can be modified to suit any block size and is great for families who want space, with all the amenities!

Glenbrook Freedom Series
Jucaro Freedom Series
Harrington Freedom Series
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Gable Series

Gable Series Starting at one bedroom and going all the way up to five, the Gable Series is a fully customisable design solution, which you can match to your tastes and budget.

Personalisation is Home-Build Concierge’s middle name

At Home-Build Concierge, we make every inclusion personal. Your Home-Build Consultant collaborates with you closely along every step of the design process while also ensuring the purity of your original design is retained throughout.

Each individual element is unique to you for a quality finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's involved in designing a house?

Designing your own house can be a complex and involved process… but not with Home-Build Concierge!

The old way to design a home

With other home builders, you would start with preliminary research and a design brief that incorporates your lifestyle needs and establishes a baseline budget. You would also need to work with an architect and/or building designer, as well as potentially other types of consultants like structural engineers, who would analyse your site and create viable concept designs. Then you would need to obtain council approval before the design-detailing process, when the design and construction details are finalised and documented. After this, the building process could begin.

The Home-Build Concierge way

When building a home with Home-Build Concierge, your Home-Build Consultant will guide you through the design process. It can be as simple as choosing a standard design or modifying an existing Home-Build Concierge design. Or perhaps you would like to create a completely custom design? Whatever route you choose, we’ll help you every step of the way, liaising with experts as required so that you don’t have to. The end result? A final design that love, without all the stress and bother.

Can I design my own house?

Yes, you can! Simply work with your Home-Build Consultant to modify one of our sample designs or to create a design from scratch – we have a completely flexible process! When designing your own home, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, your block of land should suit  your purposes. Consider site constraints like soil conditions, slopes and rocky areas, and susceptibility to bushfires. These can impact construction costs.

Second, consider your lifestyle when planning your living spaces. For example, while open plan designs are popular, a compromise between open-plan spaces and intimate areas could be a better option for you and your family’s lifestyle, and might help you avoid costly renovations later on.

Home-Build Concierge’s Consultants are dedicated to making home-builds easy and you’ll have their expertise available to help you throughout every stage. Expert input also helps to keep your overall costs down as the build progresses.

Can I design my own house plans?

While dozens of apps and websites offer you free tools for designing your dream home, these floor plan creators can only assist you with getting you started. A lot of factors we take for granted go into great home design, and these can impact cost of running your home – thermal comfort, cost of build, and ambience all play a part.

As such, for a workable house plan, it’s always best to work with professional design teams, like Home-Build Concierge’s Home-Build Consultants. These experts can give you critical and impartial advice, such as whether a design is right for your block of land and whether a given design will be within your budget when it comes to construction and materials.

How long will it take to build my dream home?

At Home-Build Concierge we have broken down the new home build process into six easy stages so you can know exactly what to expect. From coming up with a design concept to commencing your new home-build.

Download the Home-Build Concierge home-build timeline.